So, what exactly are our Facebook Communities?

The Online Garden Center is a Community for all plant lovers and gardeners. From Succulents to Bonsai, if you love plants there is a community for you. Check our more details below. 


The purpose of an online community varies depending on its nature and the objectives of its creators and members. Generally, online communities are designed to bring together individuals with common interests, goals, or experiences. Here are some key purposes and benefits of online communities:

  1. Information Sharing and Learning: Provide a platform for sharing knowledge, expertise, and information. 

  2. Support and Advice: Our community was formed to offer support and advice where members can share experiences and offer guidance to each other.

  3. Social Interaction and Entertainment: bring together people who share our passions. Our members can discuss their favourite activities, share content, and form friendships with like-minded individuals.

  4. Advocacy and Activism: Mobilise efforts around social, environmental causes. 

  5. Innovation and Collaboration: Our members collaborate to solve problems, develop new ideas and work on creative projects.

  6. Cultural and Educational Exchange: Our communities have a diverse international membership which provide opportunities for cultural exchange, language learning, and discussion of global issues.

  7. Emotional Connection and Belonging: For many, our communities offer a sense of belonging and emotional connection, especially for individuals seeking companionship or those with niche interests that might not be as easily shared in their immediate physical surroundings.

The Facebook Succulent and Cactus Community is a vibrant online group dedicated to enthusiasts of succulents and cacti.

Our online flower gardening community is a vibrant space where enthusiasts unite over their shared love for flowers. It's a hub for exchanging tips on plant care, showcasing garden photos, and seeking advice on various floral species. The community fosters a spirit of connection and learning among its members, creating a supportive and informative environment for gardeners of all levels

Our houseplants community online is a lively forum for indoor plant enthusiasts. It offers care tips, nurtures plant passion, and encourages photo sharing and support among members. A community that thrives on shared knowledge and the joy of growing houseplants.

The online Veg, Fruit & Herb Community is a lovely gathering of gardeners and enthusiasts. It focuses on cultivation tips, sharing experiences, and exchanging recipes. This active forum fosters a shared passion for growing and using veg, fruits and herbs.

Our Online Bonsai Community is a dedicated space for bonsai enthusiasts. It emphasizes skill-sharing, artistic inspiration, and mutual support. This forum nurtures a deep appreciation for the art and science of bonsai cultivation.

Our Online Patio & Container Gardening Community is a hub for enthusiasts specialising in small-space gardening. It focuses on creative ideas, practical tips, and supportive exchanges, catering to those passionate about beautifying their patios and balconies with container plants.