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"It is fabulous! Great ideas and most of them are sooo easy!!"

Susan Lucas

"The ability to ask questions of other group members and see how they arrange their indoor and outdoor plants."

Alice Ojala-Johnson

"I get so many wonderful ideas for indoor, outdoor, and dish gardens as well as exciting gardens! Plus I get excited to see loads of flowers shared from all over the world! "

Cheryl Lynn Curtis

"Awesome group and I’ve learned so much."

Patie Moose


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  1. Foster Community; Our Groups have successfully fostered vibrant communities of passionate individuals in various plant and garden niches.
  2. Educate; We're passionate about providing gardening education that is accessible to everyone.
  3. Entertain & Inspire; through beautiful community generated images, exciting videos and amazing gardening ideas
  4. Promote Wellbeing; Inspire and encourage members to engage in the therapeutic practice of gardening, allowing them to experience the numerous benefits.
  5. Promote Goodwill; Strive to improve the world through the power of plants.
  6. Influence; Encourage gardeners to embrace superior brands and growers, and elevate their gardening experience.
  7. Value; Our mission is to offer our members the highest quality products and plants at the best prices.


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Are you constantly seeking answers to your gardening questions? Struggling to nurture your plants to their fullest potential? Have your friends grown tired of your endless plant pictures on social media?Well, look no further than our vibrant community of passionate plant lovers! Join us and have all your gardening queries answered. Show off your stunning blooms and gain inspiration for your latest botanical creations from our experienced growers.With a diverse range of communities, spanning from Succulents to Vegetables, Bonsais to Roses, to mention just a few, there's something for everyone to explore and enjoy.

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