About Us

Welcome to The Online Garden Center Community.
I set up this community so we could create a kind, welcoming space for gardeners to share with & learn from fellow gardeners and to share in the joy of gardening. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, all are welcome.
My name is Mark and I'm a Horticulturist & Landscape Designer with over 20 years experience. (If you have any questions and the experts on the community here can't answer them, please feel free to send me a message, I'll try my best to help).
We believe gardening is therapeutic and healing and want to to encourage as many people as possible so feel free to invite your friends to join the community, the more the merrier.
Above all, we encourage and feel free to make friends on the group. I believe a sense of community is missing from modern day life so be sure to chat to your fellow gardeners on here to further build that sense of community with people of similar backgrounds and interests.
Please share any garden pics, stories or questions you might have with the group. We love seeing and hearing about other people's gardens. We'll re-post the best pics on the main page and on our instagram; @theonlinegardencenter
Please keep the group positive. Encourage, support and show love towards your fellow gardeners. We try our best to keep the trolls out. I personally go through each of the member requests to filter out any non-gardeners. We want to keep this group exclusive!
Let's create an enjoyable, caring, gardening community.