Our Popular Plant Groups

leaves, maple, autumn
Acer Lovers Community
flowers, teal blue asia, air purification plants
Air Plants (Tillandsia) Community
aloe, plant, green
Aloe Lovers Community
azalea, flower, blossom
Azalea Lovers Community
nature, plant, leaf
Calla Lily (Zantdechia) Community
day-lily, orange, flower
Daylily Community
Echeveria Lovers Community
fern, seedling fern, plant of the undergrowth
Fern Lovers Community
figs, fruits, fruit
Fiddle Leaf Fig Group & Tropical Plant Lovers Community
candlelight, candles, celebration
Holiday Cactus Lovers (Thanksgiving, Christmas & Easter)
flower, pink, hoya
Hoya Lovers Community
crassula, plant, plants
Jade Lovers Community
lavender, the scenery, nalati
Lavendar Group
fat plants, garden, terrace
Lithops Lovers Community (Flowering Stones)
Monstera Lovers Community
orchid, tropical flowers, greenhouses
Orchid Lovers Community
rose, flower, pink rose
Peony Group
houseplant, plant, watering
Philodendron Group
roses, bloom, rosenstock
Rose Lovers Community
sunflower, helianthus, flowers
Sunflower Lovers Community
tomatoes, red, vegetables
Tomato Lovers Group
tulips, tulip bouquet, bouquet
Tulip Lovers Community
daisies, white, yellow
garden, flowers, petals
nature, tulip, flora